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Prep Your Land for Construction

You’re mentally constructing your next major project. You have everything selected. The side addition to your home, the pool installation on your property, the development of your greenhouse. The possibilities are endless.

But you run into a few problems. The ground where you want the next addition is sloped, the pool grounds are uneven and the greenhouse plot doesn’t have access to proper drainage.

Is your property coated with nutrient-rich soil? Are low spots, elevated surfaces and unwanted slopes plaguing your property and toppling your landscape visions?

With expert grading services, you can prevent construction hiccups and stop drainage and erosion before it gets too far. Boss Hogg Industries has the equipment and expertise to prep your land for construction, stop water from pooling at your foundation and adjust the soil throughout your property.

Our licensed veteran-owned and operated company takes care of all your site grading work on-time, fast and at a reasonable cost.

Get the best quality grading possible from our team of Class A Highway Heavy contractors licensed throughout Henrico County and the entire state of Virginia.


Take the Next Steps for Your Henrico Property 

When you grade and level your property, the opportunities for your site become endless. Whether you’re building a new house, installing a pool, preparing your land for an addition or more, our reliable grading services can get you started in no time. 

Reliable and professional Boss Hogg’s grading services are just a call away when you’re looking to get started with a new driveway, clearing your space for a new patio or building an extension to your workshed. 

While leveling and grading services are great for new construction, having an even and graded lot is great in helping preserve any existing structures. You want longevity for your property and Boss Hogg’s services make that possible. Whether it’s fixing land with poor drainage or rectifying ongoing erosion control issues, Boss Hogg can lengthen the lifespan of your property and raise its value.


Ready to Grade Your Land With Dependable Services? 

When you need your land sculpted for the specific needs of your project, Boss Hogg’s reliable grading team gets the job done. Regardless of the type of site preparation you’re doing, the goal of grading remains the same. With any high-quality grading service, you’ll have:

  • Desired aesthetics and appearance of your property
  • Tried and tested drainage systems for proper functioning
  • Zoning compliance for regulatory restrictions and requirements
  • A protected environment with safe stormwater runoff
  • Protection against potential pollutants 
  • Safeguards from erosion

When safely grading, your structure, the neighboring structures and the surrounding sites need to all be considered. Safe grading will prevent improper drainage, property damage, avoidable pollutants and noncompliant land grading standards. 

It’s important to know the types of grading that are available within the Henrico area when you want to start your next project. The major types include: 

  • Architectural grading 
  • Landscape grading
  • Regrading
  • Rough grading
  • Final grading
  • Finished grading

Regardless of the type of grading you’re searching for, Boss Hogg Industries is only a call away to prep your land for your next major project. 

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Insured, Bonded and Available Land Grading in Henrico 

It can be scary enough when you’re jumpstarting your property construction project with grading and leveling. What’s scarier is when the result of improper site preparation threatens your home to water damage, complicated land maintenance and unsafe building for future structures. 

To combat this, protect your property and enhance your home – you need expertly leveled soil and graded land. Boss Hogg Industries offers years of experience and expert grading services to ensure you can build and landscape without worry. 

Our team of skilled equipment operators, organized and motivated project managers and reliable site foreman are ready to offer high-quality property care in Henrico,VA. Since 2016, Boss Hogg Industries has been successfully managing land grading, site leveling, and construction preparation projects from initiation to completion for homeowners and general contractors, alike. 

If you need a customer-service driven contractor with valuable industry experience and knowledge in Henrico, Boss Hogg is ready to get your next project started!

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