Grading & Land Leveling Services in Richmond, VA

How to Prep Your Land

Whether you’re installing a pool, building a new structure or developing a side addition—the possibilities to enhance your property are endless. Regardless of the next home project, when you begin conceptualizing the plan, one of the most important steps is to ensure your property is accounted for. Your soil needs proper nutrient measurements, your land needs to be leveled and you need to have proper drainage for your landscapes. 

Does your property have low spots, unwanted slopes, elevated surfaces, uneven landscaping? Is your land obstructing your vision for the next property project? 

You can avoid construction hiccups like premature erosion, inefficient soil levels, and improper drainage when you have the best quality grading possible. Our team of Class A Highway Heavy contractors are licensed throughout Richmond and the entire state of Virginia.

This and more can be handled when you use Boss Hogg for expert grading and leveling services in the Richmond area. Boss Hogg Industries has both the expertise and equipment to adjust the soil throughout your property, level your land for construction and stop water from pooling at your foundation. 

Our licensed veteran-owned and operated company takes care of all your site grading work fast, at a reasonable cost and on-time.


Increase the Value of Your Richmond Property 

Regardless of the size or type of your construction project, you need an effectively graded and leveled property. When you have land that’s prepped, the opportunities become endless. You can rely on Boss Hoggs’ grading services to get your project started in no time. Whether you’re installing a pool, building a side addition or creating something from scratch, your land will be primed, prepared, and project-ready. 

Just a call away, Boss Hogg’s grading services are reliable, professional and detail-oriented whether you’re looking for a new driveway, a cleared space for your patio or an extension on your workshed. No matter the project, Boss Hogg’s services are ready to put you one step ahead. 

Leveling and grading services are great for new construction when you want longevity for your property and lengthened preservation of your existing structures. Boss Hogg can ensure your property’s lifespan is lengthened and its value is raised. 

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Site Prep for Horse Arenas

Site Prep for Homes

Site Prep for Barns

Site Prep for Garages

Site Prep for Construction Sites

Site Prep for Warehouses

Site Prep for Driveways

Site Prep for Pools

Grade Your Land With Customized and Dependable Services

When you need high-quality grading services, Boss Hogg’s crew gets the job done. Whether it’s sculpting your land for the specific needs of your project or another type of site preparation, the goal of grading remains the same. Rest assured your projects will start with a reliable foundation and leveled ground. 

With Boss Hogg, you’re guaranteed: 

  • A protected environment with safe stormwater runoff
  • Desired aesthetics and appearance of your property
  • Protection against potential pollutants 
  • Safeguards from erosion
  • Tried and tested drainage systems for proper functioning
  • Zoning compliance for regulatory restrictions and requirements

It’s important to consider more than just your structure when you’re grading. You need to ensure neighboring structures and surrounding sites are properly managed when you’re undergoing home projects. Professional grading prevents improper drainage, avoidable pollutants, noncompliant land grading standards and property damage.  

It’s important to know the types of grading that are available within the Richmond area when you want to start your next project. The major types include: 

  • Architectural grading 
  • Landscape grading
  • Regrading
  • Rough grading
  • Final grading
  • Finished grading

Regardless of the type of grading you’re searching for, Boss Hogg Industries is only a call away to prep your land for your next major project.  


Richmond’s Premiere Insured and Bonded Land Grading Company

When beginning your property’s construction project, you need to make sure the site preparations are within compliant grading and leveling standards. If in non-compliant condition, you risk having your home subject to water damage, complex land maintenance and unsafe foundations for any future buildings. 

You can have your property enhanced and your home protected when you use a team of experienced professionals for grading and leveling. With years of experience and grading services, Boss Hogg Industries can help you build your landscape vision without worry. 

Reliable Grading and Leveling Services in Richmond, VA

Since 2016, Boss Hogg Industries has been managing land grading, site leveling and construction preparation projects for homeowners and general contractors throughout the City of Richmond. 

Whether you’re in need of an industrial grading contractor, residential site grading or small commercial land leveling, the services from Boss Hogg Industries will keep your property primed and ready for your next project. Ready to offer high-quality property care in Richmond, VA, our team of skilled equipment operators, organized and motivated project managers and reliable site foreman are only a call away. 

If you need a customer-service-driven contractor with valuable industry experience and knowledge in Richmond, Boss Hogg is ready to get your next project started. 

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